Premium Land (0.98 acre) For Sale in Giraudel, Dominica, W.I.

Did you ever think about moving to the Eastern Caribbean? Perhaps to the unspoilt Dominica, called “the Nature Island”? (We did!)
If so, this may be your lucky listing. We purchased a  hard-to-find, larger piece of a beautiful land a few years ago, moved to Dominica and we love it. We are about to build a small cottage, but decided we don’t really need so much land, and just make 1 acre of it available for a quick sale – to decent people. If you are familiar with Dominica real estate market, you will know that this is one of most sought, upscale and beautiful areas.

So, below this video clip comes the official listing text, we hope it gives you all answers. Feel free to contact us with questions.
Derek and Margaret


Fantastic location above village of Giraudel, on hills above capital Roseau makes it a desirable spot for a home or cottage. Over-viewing Caribbean sea and volcanic mountains, it is a superbly picturesque location. Land used to be a fruit plantation and you can find many fine grapefruit and guava trees still bearing fruits. Although grounds are overgrown with bushes and small trees, you can easily clear all or part of them, creating a fine spot for home surrounded with fruit trees and a garden of your choice. In fact, there are two natural, perfect spots for a house, like specially created for it.

High hills mean cool breeze even on hot days, morning dew and more rains during dry season. The soil is so fertile you just stick a plant cutting and it grows. This is why this is one of most desirable areas in Dominica, called “Paradis”. An upper class neighbourhood with expats and top professionals, along with flower growers surrounds the land.

The lot is subdivided from a 3 acre property, and 0.98 acre means to you hassle-free purchase (Dominica land rules allow foreigners to easily buy land up to 1 acre in size). The owners – seasoned and successful artists who moved from Canada – are building their cottage on remaining two acres, already clearing for their home and garden. They will be your good, friendly neighbours, and if you plan to reside only for part of the year, renting or keeping your house closed while you are away – they would be glad to help, or keep an eye on your property. Like everywhere else good neighbours make difference, adding value to your investment. Just some 15 minutes drive to Roseau, all major shops and amenities, with good neighbours within a walking distance – it remains serene and tranquil, like not many places nowadays.

There is a brand new, fine and strong access road to your land boundary, and electrical line is just being installed. Therefore your property will enjoy easy access and easily connectable power – things which can be pricey and time consuming in Dominica.
Price: $78,000 USD (makes $1.82 USD per sq. ft.,   or 4.91 ECD)

While there are quite a few lots available in Dominica, quality land with good road access and power line in such desirable location does not come around often and for such good price. Dominica’s real estate agencies offer many choices – but parcels like this one sell, and for significant prices. Land in Dominica keeps value and prices only go up – even during global slow-down – therefore such purchase makes it also a sound investment.

If you know a deal when you see it, contact us for more details. If you want to own a piece of true paradise with a cooler climate, amazing views, serene surroundings, total privacy and in a good neighbourhood, this may be your chance to get it.