_DAG3616Feel free to contact us with questions.
We are in Dominica, West Indies.
write to   office @
Please remove spaces before and after  @
or call us at 1-767-449-9954

Thank you,

Derek and Margaret

3 Responses to Contact

  1. Kobie Gardier says:

    Morning I’ve just spotted your land for sale and I wondered if it is still available,I grew up in Giraudel but born in London that is where I am presently my family is John phillip


    • Thanks for contacting us. We sold our piece of land, sorry. However, a few people we know – neighbours and friends from Giraudel do have land for sale in the same area. different sizes of lots, different views, and prices… You know how things work here, I believe. Best way would be to visit, and when in person, you would see it all and make a good deal. Practically none of that land is advertised on line. I can give you some contacts if you would prefer it…
      All the best
      Derek office @ remove spaces around @


  2. Kobie Gardier says:

    Thank you very much for responding to me. Yes please I would very much appreciate it if you could share contacts with me. I am hoping to find at least 1 acre of land to purchase.
    I am hoping to come to DA soon.
    With Regards


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